Taking care of your building

To keep your building in a good state of repair it is important that you carry out regular inspections and maintenance. Poor building condition is likely to reduce the value of your property, lead to spiralling repair bills and could result in cold and damp living conditions.

By keeping on top of routine maintenance and spotting defects early, you can save yourself time and money and improve your living conditions. We publish a leaflet giving advice on what you should be doing to maintain your building and carrying out regular inspections, download Looking after your building.

Leaflets on specific repair issues or building elements are currently available on the following subjects:

Depending on the scale of the work that needs to be carried out to your property, you may need to involve a professional surveyor, who can specify what the best solution is, and supervise the work being carried out.The key stages to organising any building repair are:

  • Specifying exactly what work needs to be done
  • Finding a reliable contractor
  • Agreeing a price, and
  • Getting an agreement in writing.