Finding properties for sale

If you want to know what property is for sale locally, visit one of the websites below, and read the ‘accommodation for sale’ sections of local newspapers such as the Scotsman. These are available at local libraries (or follow the links here to look online). Also pick up a copy of the free ESPC newspaper which contains many properties for sale each week

The companies below advertise properties on behalf of estate agents. This information is provided to assist you, but should not be seen as an endorsement of the companies represented here - we do not know what standard of service they provide. Click on the sites listed below to link to each website.

Local estate agents advertise properties on own their websites and in their windows (more can be found by using the link to below).

Newly-built homes are often advertised on these websites as well, but you can browse the websites of Scottish house builders, as well. See our page on Buying a New Build Home.

If you need a solicitor, you should choose one who has experience in the appropriate area of law. A local advice agency such as Citizens Advice Scotland should be able to recommend which local solicitors have the right experience.

Find your nearest Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) bureau

Search for Solicitors in your area on Law Society of Scotland