Shared ownership

Shared ownership is a type of low cost home ownership which combines renting with owning. It is aimed at people who want to have a stake in the ownership of their own home, but are unable to buy at market value.

Shared ownership schemes are usually operated by a housing association or housing co-operative. Shares may be 25%, 50% or 75% and are valued at current market value. Applicants may purchase further shares (this is called staircasing) when funds permit, and can eventually purchase the whole property, but this is not a requirement.

East Lothian Housing Association

East Lothian Housing Association operates a shared ownership scheme. You can find out about it, and download the association's policy for allocating their shared ownership housing.

How to apply

Shared ownership properties may come up for re-sale if the current owner wants to sell the property. To be considered for a shared ownership property when it becomes available, register on Homehunt.