Advertising and searching for exchanges

Complete an online form (below) to advertise on both the council's and East Lothian Housing Association's websites.

Your ad should appear within ten days, if it doesn't please contact your housing office. You must include some contact details, otherwise no-one will be able to contact you. This could be a work number/email address, or for friends or family, if you prefer. Your name will not be published online.

Printed copies of adverts are available at our area offices and it is possible to advertise only in these offices - but that will limit your responses.

Advertise your property for a Mutual Exchange

If you have already advertised and wish to make changes or cancel

Make changes to a Mutual Exchange advert

Searching in East Lothian

Search for a suitable property in East Lothian or nearby

Searching for properties elsewhere

Some local Housing Associations do not help tenants to advertise here. For local properties not in our advertising scheme, or ones elsewhere in the UK, links to other websites are available. We do not guarantee the quality of these sites - the links are provided only to help you. Some services may make a charge. If you know which area you want to move to, the local council's website may be useful, as well.

What to do when you've found an exchange partner

Our guide to swapping your council house will tell you all you need to know about the process, including important DO's and DONT's.

This information is for council tenants - Housing Association tenants should contact their landlord.

Download our guide to swapping your council house