All council tenants with a secure tenancy can apply to transfer to another council house. Your council property may no longer meet your needs. You may wish to move to one that is smaller or larger, or better for your health.

You should complete an 'Application for Housing' form and return it to your housing office. Your housing circumstances will be assessed and points awarded - we will confirm this in writing. For more information, go to our topic about 'Applying for a council home'.

Your wait for re-housing will depend on the points awarded, your areas of choice and the property types you have selected. If you have questions contact your Community Housing Officer.

Incentives for downsizing

Incentives can make transferring easier. You could be eligible for at least £3,000 if you move to a smaller property owned by us or a Housing Association.

To help you move, we allow you access to both properties for up to two weeks.

See our Transfers Incentives leaflet

Please discuss your circumstances with your Housing Officer. If you are in debt to the council (including rent arrears) we may deduct what you owe from any grant.

Find out how the Mutual Exchange process can work in this video