What is it?

The ESCAPE parenting programme is a problem solving framework that was designed to provide support to parents who are experiencing difficulties handling their teenager's behaviour. The programme is consistent in developing parental confidence and promoting the understanding of adolescent behaviours and needs. It explores areas of young people's behaviour which parents find difficult to manage and supports them to develop more effective ways to deal with these.

The main aim of the programme is to improve relationships between young people and their families through developing parent's confidence and building on their existing skills. The objectives of the programme are to:

  • support parents to establish realistic targets for change in their young person's behaviour and explore how this can best be achieved
  • enable parents to improve communication with their young person and develop a more positive relationship with them
  • encourage parents to find solutions to individual difficulties within a positive framework
  • assist parents to develop consistency in parenting and set clear boundaries around acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  • work with parents to manage risk taking behaviour
  • empower parents to regain control and influence in their young person's life

Who delivers it?

A multi-agency team of facilitators deliver this programme including staff from Education, Safer Communities and ABEL. Marie Prior, Enhance Support Officer co-ordinates the programmes which take place in various venues across the authority. At least 4 programmes run over the course of a year.

Who should attend?

Any parent or carer interested in learning more about how to support young people through the teenage years. The programme is designed to support parents/carers of 10years and older. Feedback for parent/carers who have attended includes;

"It helped me realise that there are many other parents in the same situation as myself and it's not just my child"

"The programme made me stop and think about what I was doing and how I was dealing with things"

"I learned that I am not alone in dealing with challenging behaviour and reminded me to focus more on the positive behaviour, to listen and allow my child to explain how they see things."

"I found the whole programme really interesting. Understanding of how the teenage brain works, caring and coping strategies".

"The best part of the programme for me was focusing on techniques and parenting styles to help me deal with the teenager in my care. Useful hints and tips given and info on further information available via internet etc. Liked the hand-outs which mean I can revisit the info".

How can parents get involved?

Referrals can be submitted on behalf of a parent/carer by a health or social care professional. Parent/carers can also make a self-referral. If interested, please contact Marie Prior on 01368 863339 or at