Will children and young people need to practice physical distancing?

Head Teachers and staff continue to reinforce the expectation of children and young people regarding physical distancing measures to keep everyone safe.  Whilst children and young people do not need to physically distance with each other, children and young people will be in a class bubble as far as possible and we will be managing movement around the school.  Children and young people should not hug their friends and should be prepared by parents that staff in school will need to try to maintain a 2 metre distance as far as practical. Young people in our secondary schools will be encouraged to physically distance where possible and practical to do so, and should wear a face covering where this is difficult.

Why is physical distancing required in playgrounds but not in classrooms?

All schools are encouraging children to stay within their class 'bubble' wherever possible. This includes at break time and lunch time. Our secondary schools are trying to minimise the amount of times children mix with other children but this will be impossible in all cases as they will have different curriculum choices. We understand that this will be difficult for some pupils who may not be in a class with their friends, however we are trying as much as possible to suppress opportunities for transmission. In all cases we are following the Scottish Government guidance regarding large gatherings which applies both inside and outside to groups of over 30 people.

Will children or young people be required to wear face masks/coverings or not?

The current Scottish Government guidance states that young people S4-S6 should wear a face covering at all times when they are in schools. Other year groups should wear a face covering in school in areas where it would be difficult to maintain physical distancing, such as in corridors. 

All children and young people must wear a face covering on home to school transport regardless of whether this is contractor or public service.

Those with a medical exemption can download an exemption card from:

What equipment should children and young people bring to school?

Children and young people may be able to take pencils, pens, books and other stationary resources to school from home, although they should be discouraged from sharing - please check the information supplied by your school. They should not bring toys from home to the school or setting, although it is appreciated that for younger children this may be difficult to prevent.  Younger children and children with additional needs may seek to bring in comforters, if practical alternatives to provide comfort and reassurance are not able to be found; parents and staff should seek to find ways of storing the comforter hygienically.

Can my child bring a water bottle?

Our schools are encouraging children and young people to bring a filled water bottle to school with them each day, clearly marked with their name. Water will be available for refills during the day and the best way of managing this safely will be decided by your child's school. This will take account of the age and stage of your child and the school facilities. Water will continue to be available at lunchtimes, too. If you cannot provide a water bottle, please speak to your school. 

Will PE classes still take place? If not, will there be opportunities for children and young people to be active and move during the school day?

The teaching of PE will be undertaken in line with the Education Scotland guidance and schools will communicate their local arrangements. Schools will create opportunities to ensure that children and young people are active and outdoors regularly.

What is expected of children and young people regarding hygiene?

Children and young people are encouraged to wash hands on arrival, before and after eating etc.  Handwashing will be encouraged on entry to the school building before and after any activity, such as meal times, break times and sporting activities. If children or young people have trouble washing their hands properly, help will be available. Where handwashing facilities are not immediately accessible, then hand sanitisers will be available. Other hygiene measures ie, cough hygiene should follow current general Scottish Government guidance and this will be reinforced by staff to children and young people on their return.

All children and young people using home to school transport must use hand sanitiser before boarding a bus. This applies whether it is contracted or public service transport. Families should provide their child with hand sanitiser for this purpose.

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