• for the first two weeks of term a hot meals service will not be available within our schools
  • packed lunches will be provided for children and young people on free school meals and those who wish to pre order via Schoolpay 
  • there will be a choice of two filling options and meals will be delivered by the catering team to classrooms
  • all food will be served in disposable packaging
  • children and young people may bring a packed lunch from home to eat in the classroom or a designated space specified by the school for each class bubble

Provision of water

Our schools are encouraging children and young people to bring a filled water bottle to school with them each day, clearly marked with their name. Water will be available for refills during the day and the best way of managing this safely will be decided by your child's school. This will take account of the age and stage of your child and the school facilities. Water will continue to be available at lunchtimes, too. If you cannot provide a water bottle, please speak to your school. 

Leaving the school site

Secondary age children and young people may be able to leave the school site at lunchtime. The specific arrangements will be provided by the school.

It is essential that all young people understand their responsibilities as responsible citizens whilst outside of the school grounds.  

We ask that all families speak to their young people about responsible behaviours which are in the best interests of their children and our wider community.

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