What will the focus be for learning and teaching during children and young people' time in school? Will it be on core areas like numeracy and literacy?

Learning and teaching will have a focus on Health and Wellbeing/Nurture, Literacy and Numeracy. We will also focus on relationships and reconnecting, providing opportunities to reflect on learning at home and determining next steps in learning. Schools will continue to move towards a full curriculum offer in line with the East Lothian Curriculum Frameworks, and reflecting Scottish Government guidance.

Will children be given the opportunity to learn at their own pace?

Yes. Teachers work with their classes to plan and adapt the curriculum based on their assessments, to meet their children and young people' needs.  Our teachers are skilled in planning learning to meet the wide range of children’s needs. We also provide additional support to pupils should it be required.

How will the school day balance out academic and social aspects of school?

Children and young people will work in classrooms alongside their peers and learning and social experiences will be planned for by teachers and school staff in line with relevant guidance.

What about other school activities, like sports and music clubs?

Extra activities will be reintroduced following the latest Scottish Government guidance when it is possible to do so.

Will parents' evenings still take place?

Your child's teachers will continue to update you on your child’s progress. We have issued guidance to schools to advise that face to face meetings cannot take place under current Scottish Government guidance. However, pupil progress updates will happen in different ways. Your child's school will contact you to let you know what these new arrangements are.

How will Instrumental Music Service tuition be delivered?

We are working closely with Head Teachers and schools and the aspiration is to have our instructors back in schools as soon as it is safe to do so. Health and safety will be the priority in the risk assessment of our activities and we will make every effort to offer continuity of lessons for our children and young people. Lessons may initially be via Google Meets and we will be in touch with those who have registered for lessons as soon as possible with more information regarding how this will work. We are very excited about the virtual collaborations and opportunities for our children and young people we have planned during this academic year.

How will re-opening affect Visiting Specialists, health professionals and other visitors?

Head Teachers are planning in dialogue with visiting specialists and health professionals that support children and young people in our schools how they continue to offer support whilst minimising the numbers of staff moving between schools and restricting visitors to the building, including parents.  It may mean that some contact is done remotely in the first instance rather than face to face.

What happens if schools need to move to a part-time education model or if there are further school closures in the future?

We have provided schools with Contingency Planning Guidance to support school’s planning and delivery of education to pupils should either of these circumstances occur.

Building confidence in staff to return is key through our robust risk assessments, health and safety procedures and increased cleaning regimes.

Will there be exam leave during prelims for S4 since Nat 5s have been cancelled?

This will be discussed with our secondary school Head Teachers after the October break and further information will follow.

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