Arrangements during COVID-19 outbreak

Care homes in East Lothian

East Lothian Health and Social Care care homes - Belhaven, Crookston and The Abbey - are open for visits.  However, if you have been feeling unwell, please refrain from visits until you have recovered.

If your relative or friend is at a privately operated care home or nursing home, please phone them direct to find out what they have in place.


Resource, Day Centres and Lunch Clubs

All Resource Centres, Day Centres and Lunch Clubs have reopened.   We do ask that if you are unwell, you refrain from attending until you have fully recovered. 

Our home meals delivery service continues to operate as normal.


Phone support

We have developed two self-referral phone-line services that can provide online assessment, support and onward referral, if necessary. These have proved to very popular.

East Lothian Mental Health Line (0300 790 6292)

Feeling anxious, depressed or just a bit down? The ELHSCP Mental Health line is open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. You don’t need a referral from a GP or other clinical professional to use it. It’s for anyone aged 18 and over.

If you are feeling anxious, depressed or have other worries about your mental health, call us on 0300 790 6292 between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. An experienced worker will take your details and make an appointment for you to speak to a specialist mental health practitioner, who will ring you back at a at time that is convenient for your within the next 36 hours. The practitioner will assess you over the phone, and provide help and support and sometimes a referral on to other services. This service is not designed for:

  • people already being seen regularly by a Community Mental Health Nurse in the Community Mental Health Team
  • people who are experiencing a mental health emergency—in this case, please phone 999 immediately.

The East Lothian MSK Support Line (0300 3690680)

The East Lothian MSK support line is open from 9:00am to 11:30am on Monday - Friday. People don’t need a referral from a GP or other clinical professional to use it. When they call, a member of our team will take their details and make an appointment for them for a telephone review with an advanced physiotherapy practitioner. The advanced practitioner will then call them back at a mutually convenient time, assess them over the phone and offer advice. All they have to do to access this service is to phone the support line on 0300 3690680 on Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 11:30am.