Your flu-jab checklist

People who have been invited to attend an ELHSCP clinic already have a checklist in the letter they were sent. Please read this carefully and do what we have asked.

People who are attending or want to attend their local GP practice or a GP practice clinic for a flu jab should:

  • Make sure you have booked your appointment in advance (except for Dunbar patients). For infection control and social distancing reasons, practices cannot offer drop-in clinics this year
  • Arrive on time—not earlier or later, please.
  • Wear a face covering, loose clothing and a short sleeved top and have your arm ready for your jab
  • Check on the arrangements your practice has put in place for your visit. This might include one-way systems, open-air flu jabs or parking restrictions.  Make sure you know what’s expected and that you are prepared before you go. You may also find more information about what your practice expects by visiting their web site—all their web addresses and phone numbers are listed in the next section
  • If you have a letter, please bring it with you
  • Please do not attend your appointment if you have any Covid-like symptoms on the day. Find out more at and follow the guidance on self-isolation and testing

Thank you for your help.