What you need to know if you have an empty property

If your property is empty, you may be awarded a reduction in your Council Tax for a limited period of time, depending on the status of the property and whether the property is being marketed for sale or rent.

As part of any application, we will consider the previous owner or occupier's use of the property as this may affect how much of a discount you can get and for how long.

If a property remains unoccupied and is not being actively marketed for sale or rent, at a realistic market price, you may be charged an additional premium on your Council Tax bill.

Strict qualifying criteria applies when assessing Council Tax charges for empty properties, therefore if you have been awarded a Council Tax empty property reduction, it is important that you report any changes to the Council Tax team straight away.

We need to know:

  • if an empty property is being actively marketed for sale or rent
  • if you rent out a property, that you are a registered landlord and you need to tell us when tenants move in or out of your property.

The Council Tax team review empty property reductions regularly to ensure any entitlement is still valid, so if you are sent a review form, you must respond to this promptly.

You can also respond to a review form online.

Council Tax Officers may also visit empty properties to verify eligibility to any reduction awarded.

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