Music Concerts and documentaries

Stingray Qello

The world's largest collection of full length concerts and music documentaries streamed on demand to just about any digital device.

  • Watch over 1500 live moments in music
  • Over 30 genres from classical to rock to regggae to country
  • Enjoy music from the 1920s to today's most popular artists
  • Direct from the artist's production company and studios

How to access Stingray Qello

If you have an account for ArtistWorks,RBdigital, RBdigital comics, or RBdigital eMagazines, you can use these log-in details.

If not, you will need to create a new account, you will need to:

  • Enter your library membership number
  • If you have a membership umber beginning with B, enter the B and the 9 numbers
  • If you have a 16-digit smartcard number, enter the first 14 digits only (with no spaces)
  • If you have an online membership number beginning with H, enter the H and the 7 numbers
  • Your access to Stingray Qello includes a 7-day activation period of unlimited access on all supported devices. After, you'll be notified to return to RBdigital to checkout another 7-day activation period.

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