British Newspaper Archive

The British Newspaper Archive offers online access to millions of pages of British and Irish newspapers from 1700's right up to 1950's. Read news articles about national, local and regional events, search for your family's birth, marriage and death notices, and view obituaries and advertisments. A great resource for family history enthusiasts, or anyone interested in history.

Access is only available via library computers or library wifi. 

How to access The British Newspaper Archive

  • register for free via a library computer or via the library wifi
  • visit the British Newspaper Archive 
  • enter your details including your email in the 'Tell us About Yourself' section 
  • select 'Get Started'
  • a verification will be sent to your email address
  • keep a record of your password as you will need this to sign in next time you search 

All articles you view will be stored in your Saved area - your personal area to store and organise your favourite articles.

Here you can create folders for different articles and categorise them however you like, and add notes to articles to record your thoughts. 

You can log in to access your saved area from home by visiting the British Newspaper Archive login page.

However, you will need to visit your local library to carry out any research on The British Newspaper Archive.