Appy ABCs

Please note that all links will lead to Apple apps as we have iPads in use in our libraries however most of the apps are also available on other platforms.

Joy of Reading (£)

The Joy of Reading is an app for teaching children the basics of reading – now available in British English. Through animated characters and interactions children are encouraged to recognise initial sounds and letters, trace letters, identify initial consonants, spot rhymes, blend, differentiating between short and long vowels, recognise key words by sight and read! Children have to complete each stage before they can progress to the next – the app builds on previous knowledge and skills.The parent area allows parents to monitor children’s progress and contains an in depth parent handbook.

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Word Wagon (Free)

Word Wagon is a phonics and spelling app designed for beginning readers. As the little mouse and bird bop along, kids can tap any item they pass and try to spell it. Depending on the level you choose, you can either see the silhouettes of the letters in place, or try to spell it without any such hints. For each word they spell, kids will win an animated sticker for their virtual sticker book. And every three correct spellings earn them a chance to play a connect-the-stars constellation game.

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Name Play (£)

Name Play contains eight games designed to encourage play with names. Learning to read and write their first name is a key step in a child’s journey to becoming an emergent reader. The app features a school themed play environment and is designed to motivate the child to explore reading and writing.
There are several activities for children to explore, plus they can have a go on the typewriter and move around the school to see what they find (watch out for the naughty parachutist!).
Parents can track progress and add extra names on the parental dashboard.

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Ocean Adventures (Free)

Children will learn and practice key language skills such as vocabulary, listening comprehension and sentence formation while playing with lovely underwater animals.

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Little Writer for Kids (£)

Little Writer is a tracing app that's done just right. Little Writer is fun and so easy to use that your kids will think letter tracing is a game.

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