Appy World

Please note that all links lead to Apple apps as we use iPads in our libraries.  Most of the apps are also available on other platforms.

Tiny Airport (£)

Tiny Airport is an app which enables children to discover the airport with more than 90 interactive stories and sounds. Children click on the people and objects to bring them to life.
In the three scenes, there are around 90 hidden adventures and animations to uncover surprises:

  • Scene 1: Arrival by taxi, check-in, and security check
  • Scene 2: Waiting at the departure gate, boarding call, and departure
  • Scene 3: Airborne with all the other passengers and flying the plane yourself

The app can be adapted for older children as you can add on a timed element to make it more challenging.

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Monkey Preschool Explorers (£)

The monkeys explore the jungle via boat, plane, and jeep. Kids choose a character and then receive a verbal assignment, such as "Find the letter v" or "Touch the animals you'd find in the zoo" with three choices. As kids tap the correct tile, the vehicle moves forward, offering more tile choices, until they reach the finish line. After completing a couple of rounds, kids race another vehicle to the finish line or move their car around the screen to collect coins, and they can earn additional fun hats for their monkeys to wear.

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Monkey Preschool Fix It! (£)

Kids jump right in to Monkey Preschool Fix-It, immediately starting an ongoing cycle of six fix-it-themed learning games with colors, numbers, shapes, patterns, puzzles, and letters. When kids answer correctly -- for instance, by choosing the pink nail to hammer -- the monkey flips and makes happy monkey noises. When kids answer incorrectly, the monkey shakes its head. After every four games, kids can choose an animated toy to add to a toy shelf.

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Peek a Zoo (Free)

In Peek-a-Zoo by Duck Duck Moose, kids answer "Who is (blank)?" questions by tapping on one of eight animated animals. On the opening screen, kids meet the Duck Duck Moose cast of animals, one for each letter of the alphabet. For the main activity, kids hear and see a question at the top of the screen, then tap an animal to answer. The questions are about emotions, actions, activities, positions, or attire. For example, kids might get the question "Who is angry?"; to answer, they have to interpret the facial expressions of the eight animals.

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