Family Reading Challenge

The Family Reading challenge is to watch the grown-ups around you. How much reading do they do? What are they reading? Whether it's a book or magazine, a map for directions, the recipe for dinner or messages on their phone - it all counts as reading.

Once you've completed a challenge bring your passport and the proof of your activities along to your local library and let staff know what you've been doing - you'll get your certificate and a small prize. Everyone completing a challenge goes into a draw for some different prizes at the end of the holidays.

We recognise that for some people reading can be a challenge and we wanted to recognise that literacy comes in many forms and the family reading challenge just helps children recognise that reading is happening around them all the time.

What you might not know is how much impact reading, especially reading for pleasure, has.

An amazing number of things happen through reading that support not just traditional learning but the ways we understand the world and improves mental wellbeing.

Dr Vivienne Smith from the University of Strathclyde explains this really clearly in this short clip:

Lots of research has now shown that whether a child reads for pleasure has more of an effect on their educational progression and their future life and employment chances than their parents' level of education or their economic background.

But what do we mean by reading for pleasure and how can you encourage your child to become a reader? Reading for pleasure is basically anything that we read for our own enjoyment. It can be fiction, non-fiction, a graphic novel or a picture book - the important thing is that the child has chosen to read it and is enjoying doing so. So just bring them into the library and let them loose!

But it's not just children - reading for anyone reduces stress levels and increases wellbeing so while you're in with the children why not let our friendly staff find something that appeals to you.