Guidance for visiting our libraries

All of our libraries are now open with limited restrictions remaining in place.

Opening hours and information about specific libraries and services available can be found in our East Lothian Libraries directory 

PC Use

Customers should make an appointment for a PC session by email by calling our switchboard on 01620 827827 and asking for the relevant library. 

Click and Collect appointments

  1. you can make an appointment for click and collect through the library's webpage - find it in the directory
  2. by completing the online form - Click and Collect 
  3. or by email to the library
  4. or by telephone - call our switch board on 01620 827827 and ask for the relevant library

Visiting the library

Staff will be wearing PPE and all visitors who come to the library are required to wear a face covering unless, for example:

  • you have a health condition or you are disabled and a face covering would be inappropriate because it would cause difficulty, pain or severe distress or anxiety or because you cannot apply a covering and wear it in the proper manner safely and consistently. Individual discretion should be applied in considering the use of face coverings for other children including, for example, children with breathing difficulties and disabled children who would struggle to wear a face covering
  • you need to eat or drink
  • you are taking medication
  • you are communicating with someone else who relies on lip reading
  • a relevant person, such as a police officer, asks you to remove your face covering

Regular Activities

Our library activities such as Bookbug Sessions and Book Groups are beginning to return. Please check details with your local library and ensure that places are booked in advance where necessary as availability remains limited.

We are operating limited opening hours

Check the opening hours for your local library

Opening hours are reduced in some libraries due to staffing shortages.