Doing things differently

To respond to this challenge we need to make changes in how we plan and deliver services in East Lothian - doing things more effectively and more efficiently. The 2017 Residents Survey found that between 84% and 97% of respondents agreed that the council should pursue the following options:

  • focus resources on areas of East Lothian where the need is greatest 
  • reduce and manage the growing demand for some services
  • focus on prevention and early intervention – taking action as soon as possible to tackle social problems before they become more difficult to turn around
  • deliver services in new ways, perhaps with more community involvement
  • identify those services which we should stop providing

The 2017-2022 Council Plan, setting out our ambitions for the next five years, states that the council will increasingly become:

An enabling and empowering authority that works with its citizens and communities, the business and third sectors and other public sector partners to deliver the solutions that work best for East Lothian. For example, social enterprises to deliver care services.

A more entrepreneurial authority, developing new ways of ensuring services are provided in the most effective and efficient way possible; generating more income from charges for existing services and developing new services that can make a ‘profit’ for the council. For example, an energy company to generate income from solar power and other renewable sources.

A digital authority, fully embracing and exploiting opportunities to use technology to deliver services. For example, enabling people to report, request and pay for services online.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had major implications for East Lothian and its residents.  Our health, economy and communities have been impacted and the council is reviewing its priorities for recovery and renewal from Covid-19, and these will influence the new 2022-2027 Council Plan that will be adopted in Autumn 2022.