Elderly and Disabled National Entitlement Card

Transport Scotland runs the national concessionary travel scheme which provides free local bus travel and scheduled long distance coach services throughout Scotland to:

  • all Scottish residents aged 60 or over

  • Scottish residents with a disability who are aged 5-59

Please note that certain premium fare bus services (e.g. night buses and tours) are not included under the scheme.

Apply for a National Entitlement Card

Young Scot Card

If you're aged 16 - 18 (or full-time volunteer), you can get special deals on transport with your Young Scot Card.

Taxicard scheme

Our taxicard scheme provides subsidised taxi travel for people with severe and permanent physical disability who don't have regular access to private motorised transport.

If you would like to apply for a Taxicard, application forms listing all those eligible for the scheme are available by emailing our team.