In accordance with Section 21 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984, anyone proposing to construct a new road or extend an existing road must obtain Road Construction Consent (RCC) from the roads authority. Construction works on existing roads do not require RCC but will normally require other consents, usually in the form of a permit.

Nationally agreed guidance on road construction consents and road bonds has been developed by the Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS), available in their guide for the Road Construction Consent and Road Bond process. Cognisance should be taken in the first instance from the National Roads Development Guide, and the resulting RCC application should satisfy the technical details as set out in East Lothian Council's Standards for Development Roads.

Before you can apply for an RCC, you must obtain planning permission. Once this is in place email forms CC1, CC2 and CC2/N to [email protected] . The forms can be downloaded via the link below.

Road Construction Consent Forms

List of drawings

The drawings listed below will generally be required as part of an RCC submission. These should be compliant with our standard drawing details.

  • Location Plan
  • Road and Levels Layout
  • Road Construction Details
  • Road Longitudinal Sections
  • Kerbing Layout
  • Drainage Layout, including SUDS
  • Drainage Construction Details
  • Drainage Longitudinal Sections
  • Signs and Lines Drawing
  • Traffic Signals Layout
  • Finishes Layout
  • SUDS Design Details and Calculations
  • Street Lighting Layout and Calculations
  • Vehicle Swept Path Analysis
  • Road Adoption Plan, including locations of grit bins, litter bins and bus shelters
  • Land Factoring Plan
  • Stage 2 Road Safety Audit
  • Structural Details
  • Any other details to enable the assessment of the proposal

Evidence of Scottish Water's Technical Approval will also be required.

In some circumstances, the Transport Planning officer may request the following information at the RCC stage:

  • Road Users Safety Audit
  • Quality Audit (see Designing Streets)