Electric Vehicle (EV) chargepoints

In 2017 there were 10 council maintained chargepoints in East Lothian, but thanks to recent funding from Transport Scotland we will be growing this to over 50 in the next few years.

Map and list of proposed EV chargepoints

Our aim is that each of our six main towns (Musselburgh, Tranent, Haddington, Dunbar, North Berwick and Prestonpans) will have a central hub with multiple chargepoints, at least one of these will be able to charge a vehicle in less than 30 minutes (Rapid charge). In other satellite sites we will install Fast chargepoints, capable of delivering a full charge in under 4 hours. Where we have requests from individuals without off-street parking we will look to install additional (and perhaps lower powered) on-street public EV chargepoints for residential use.

If you have suggestions for additional locations please email EVCharging@eastlothian.gov.uk

Locations of publicly available electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints in Scotland

Some of these EV chargepoints are on private land, but are available for public use e.g. those at ScotRail stations.

You can visit ChargePlace Scotland for a map of available public EV chargepoints including:

  • What POWER RATING they are
  • If they are currently in use
  • If they are currently out of order

Electric Vehicle chargepoints via ChargePlace Scotland

All faults with EV chargepoints should be reported via ChargePlace Scotland.

Electric vehicle chargepoint types

Although the connection leads are now more-or-less standardised (i.e. you can plug in any car to any EV chargepoint), they do come with different power ratings:

  • Domestic (3kW) - will charge a car in around 10 hours i.e. overnight. There is also the option of plugging into a standard 3-pin socket
  • Standard (7kW) - around 7-8 hours
  • Fast (22kW) - less than 4 hours
  • Rapid (50kW or more) - less than 1 hour to 80% charge

Each EV chargepoint (apart from domestic ones) can charge two vehicles at one time.

Usage and payment

Tariffs for individual EV chargepoints shown on ChargePlace Scotland are set by their owners. All EV chargepoints owned and maintained by us are currently free to use i.e. we do not charge for the electricity, although we review this policy regularly.

Each EV chargepoint is covered by a traffic regulation order which restricts parking to 4-hour periods. This is enforced by parking attendants who will issue a Penalty Charge Notice if a vehicle is parked for longer than this, or if it is not an electric vehicle.