Proposals for Markle level crossing replacement

The proximity of property to the existing level crossing means that a replacement bridge cannot be built on the existing road alignment, necessitating its off-line construction and diversionary road. An early exploration of land requirements with landowners identified a potential corridor within which a new road and bridge crossing of the East Coast Main Line could be provided. The corridor is approximately 130-140 metres long to the south of the settlement of Markle between the paddock adjacent to Cherrytree Cottage and Markle Fisheries.

map markle level crossing


The proposals for the replacement crossing include:

  • a new road of 6m width bypassing Markle to the south
  • a new bridge located above a railway cutting which would reduce the height of the structure above ground level
  • vehicular access to Markle Steading maintained via the existing road network 
  • existing road stopped up at the level crossing entry gates and road over level crossing removed
  • an upgraded access road to Markle fisheries  
  • existing right of way from Dunpender Drive to Markle Steading maintained
  • tree planting to the west of the new bridge to reduce the visual impact
  • sustainable drainage systems to the west of the new bridge

Any design work that is progressed will aim to minimise the length of the new road and the amount of civil engineering work required.