Support for Ukraine in East Lothian

Accommodation for refugees

We know that households in the local area are keen to offer accommodation to refugees from Ukraine. We have set up a dedicated email address to deal with general enquiries, offers of accommodation and ongoing communication with registered hosts around Disclosure checks, property checks, financial payments and support etc. Please get in touch with us via

Sponsors should provide accommodation for as long as they are able, but there is a minimum expectation of six months.

Other support

The Scottish Government advises that funds are the most useful donation you can make - particularly when giving to charities operating in crisis zones. There are a number of reputable fundraising bodies such as: UNICEF, the British Red Cross, the International Rescue Committee and the Disasters Emergency Committee who are able to get money to those most in need and are working in the region. There are also Scottish based Ukrainian community groups, including Edinburgh Ukrainian Club and Community of Ukrainians in Glasgow, who are gathering supplies and considering how they can support displaced people.

The Scottish Refugee Council has information on its website highlighting how people can make other offers of support: How can I help people fleeing Ukraine? - Scottish Refugee Council

Please note: 

  • delivering items directly to areas in crisis is expensive and could be a safety risk for the charities involved
  • only donate the items that charities are asking for such as first aid supplies, clean new clothes and sanitary supplies - dealing with unneeded items can draw volunteers away from working on activities which are most helpful to those in need
  • donate with care and research any charities to ensure you know where and how your donation will be used - you can research charities at OSCR.

Council motion

At a meeting of East Lothian Council on 1 March, it was agreed by unanimously by elected members that the Provost would write on behalf of the people of East Lothian to:

  1. the Russian Ambassador in the UK - asking that he requests his Government withdraw troops from Ukraine immediately
  2. the Ukranian Ambassador in the UK - expressing the council’s support and solidarity, and respect for his nation’s sovereignty and freedom
  3. the Prime Minister of the UK - asking that all efforts are made to welcome refugees coming from Ukraine to the UK without the need for a visa, and advise of our willingness to help in any way we can as a county to settle individuals and families whose lives have so sadly and suddenly been affected by the military action in Ukraine