Information on waste services and recycling

Recycling centres

All four of our recycling centres are open and are now accepting the full range of materials. Please note that staff cannot help lift materials and physical distancing guidelines must be observed. More information on Recycling Centres.

Brown bin collection

The brown bin/garden waste service resumed across East Lothian from Monday, 29 June on an interim monthly basis. The dates for collections have been revised and are now available to view online.

Green and blue boxes for cans, plastics, glass, paper and cardboard

Green and blue recycling boxes are being collected on scheduled dates.

Food waste collection

Food waste is being collected on scheduled dates. Please ensure containers are out by 7am as your collection time may have changed. 

Green bin for non-recyclable waste

Green bins are being collected on scheduled dates. Please make sure containers are out by 7am as there may be changes to your collection time.

Check your collection dates

Bin, box and food caddy delivery

Replacement bins, boxes and food caddies deliveries are still being undertaken, however there may be delay to requests being fulfilled due to availability of staff. We are prioritising the delivery of non recyclable waste containers, outdoor caddies and liners. All requests will be recorded and fulfilled when staffing capacity allows.

Bulky waste/special uplift collection suspended

We will try to honour existing bookings where staffing allows. If you have already booked and we haven't collected it by 3pm on the day booked, please take your items off the kerbside and contact us for an alternative date.

Trade waste collections

Currently operating as normal, however, any changes will be notified to our business customers.

Assisted collections

Due to changes in staff, your waste and recycling may be collected by a different crew and at a different time.

Please make sure your containers are easily accessible and visible. 

Missed bins

Please make sure bins are out by 7am as there may be changes to your collection time. It may not be possible to come back for missed containers until your next scheduled collection day.

Street parking

Please consider where you park on collection days. Always park more than 10m (32ft) from a junction and close to the kerb with wing mirrors folded in. This will allow us to safely access bins. 

Download changes to waste services and recycling 

Frequently asked questions - waste services and recycling 

The UK Government has provided guidance on how to dispose of personal waste if you, or someone in your household, have Coronavirus symptoms. To protect our communities and workforce, we'd be grateful if you could read and follow these temporary measures, which have been developed to minimise the spread of Coronavirus. 

Read the protective measures