Household waste and recycling collection update

The national guidelines surrounding coronavirus advice for individuals and workplaces including self-isolation has had an inevitable impact on council services including waste and recycling collections. From a public health perspective local authorities are required to prioritise food and domestic waste collections. It’s important throughout our communities that appropriate measures are taken following government and NHS guidelines to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

We are grateful to local residents for their continued commitment to recycling a range of household materials but, on a temporary basis, we are having to reduce recycling collections and appreciate the support during this difficult time. On the 1 June all recycling centres will be reopening to the public, read our guidance on accessing recycling centres during the coronavirus outbreak. 

The UK Government has provided guidance on how to dispose of personal waste, like tissues, disposable cleaning cloths, wipes and masks if you have Coronavirus symptoms.

The guidance is for anyone with symptoms, including those diagnosed with the infection, who must remain at home until they are well. It also applies to people in households with someone showing symptoms (a new, continuous cough and/or high temperature) that may be caused by coronavirus.

Personal waste, should be stored securely in disposable rubbish bags. These should then be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste within your home. The double-bagged waste should be put aside for at least 72 hours in a place that can’t be accessed by other people or pets, before being put in your non-recyclable waste bin which will be collected as part of the usual fortnightly collections.

Other household waste can be disposed of as normal. Full guidance for people staying at home because of confirmed or possible infection can be found on the Government’s website.