Children and Young People's Plan 2017-20

To comply with new statutory obligations, we have just finished refreshing the East Lothian Children and Young Peoples Services Plan which will run from 2016-2019 was published last April. 

The plan was developed and consulted widely with children, young people, parents, carers, practitioners and partner agencies.

The new plan is firmly based on those views, and continues the same vision, priorities, indicators and actions, only altering a few indicators where more appropriate measurements are now available and removing a couple of out-dated actions where services had ceased in the interim.  

We will be looking over the course of the summer at what progress we have been able to make so far, and will consider whether we are on track with the progress we had hoped to make.

We see this as a living document, expecting to update and amend it as we go through the next three years. We will consult fully on any such changes in line with our statutory responsibilities. 

Download the children and young peoples plan