Fighting the stigma of mental ill health

One in four Scots will experience mental health problems at some point in their life, and more than 80% will suffer stigma or discrimination as a result. 

Worryingly, this often occurs close to home, with friends and family the most likely culprits to stigmatise, followed closely by colleagues and peers.

East Lothian Council is committed to doing all it can to challenge the stigma of mental ill health, both as an employer and within the community.


Most people recover fully from a mental health problem.

Putting recovery into action means focusing care on supporting recovery and building the resilience of people with mental health problems, and not just on managing their symptoms.

Research has found that important factors on the road to recovery include:

  • good relationships
  • financial security
  • satisfying work
  • personal growth
  • the right living environment
  • developing one's own cultural or spiritual perspectives
  • developing resilience to possible adversity or stress in the future

People have commented that the following can also help them to recover:

  • being believed in
  • being listened to and understood
  • getting explanations for their problems or experiences
  • having the opportunity to temporarily resign responsibility during periods of crisis

For more information on recovery from mental illness, please visit the Mental Health Foundation website.