Walkin' East Lothian

Walkin' East Lothian is a Community Wellbeing project which aims to encourage more people to walk using recognised, established pathways.

Walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. All that you'll need is a good pair of shoes, and you can start off slowly, gradually building up as your level of fitness improves.

Why not join one of our local walking groups and walk in pleasant surroundings in the company of others?

  • Local Town Walks take up to one hour using local path networks
  • Next Steps Walks last two hours and are graded for difficulty (grades are listed in our programmes)
  • Independent walkers can send for a pack full of useful information about walks in East Lothian

There are walks to suit most abilities; two volunteer leaders take up the front and rear at every walk, meaning you can go at a pace that suits you. We then usually finish off with a tea or a coffee.

For more information and to find groups in your area:

Visit the Walkin' East Lothian website