Read about some young people who have been supported by East Lothian Works

Amy's story

Amy and her Alsation dog on a beach.



Working with animals is what I really love doing. As well as providing me with a safe space, I was listened to without judgment.
I improved my skills for life and work including speaking on the phone with confidence and creating a good CV." - Amy

A bright and capable young woman, health issues had meant it was difficult for Amy to secure and sustain employment. A stay in hospital gave her the time to reflect on her skills and interests so she contacted East Lothian Works to get some support with her future plans.

Improved confidence

Amy said: "With support from Cheryl and the team at East Lothian Works I was able to explore things that I was really interested in, which helped improve my confidence. I took part in some creative projects and then I was able to complete an animal care course with Bridges Project."

Paid work experience

Amy was offered a paid work experience placement for six months at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. Her tasks include admin and reception work. Amy hopes to work with animals or perhaps even in the administrative side of a business which has animals at its heart. At the end of her placement the East Lothian Works team will support Amy for a further six months to help her find employment. This aftercare will help to make sure Amy reach her full potential in a job she loves.

Casey's story

"My advice to others is go for what you want to do and what you enjoy. Don't look back. Recognise there are so many options now after leaving school. Casey

Casey always knew that she wanted to work with young children after leaving school but with so many options available she was unsure which one was right for her. 

Modern Apprenticeship

With the support of East Lothian Works doors began to open for Casey. She subsequently secured a Modern Apprenticeship in a nursery which she has loved. The MA gave her valuable experience which led to her being offered at place at Edinburgh College to study a HNC in Childhood Practice. On top of that she has also gained a conditional offer to study Child and Young Persons Nursing at Edinburgh Napier University 

Casey believes that the support she received from East Lothian Works, and in particular her mentor [NAME] has been instrumental: "Without the Modern Apprenticeship I would not be in the place I am today. I have met new friends and gained so much knowledge and experience. It has been so valuable.  

University interview

Casey continues: "The experience I have built up has also allowed me to do well when I went to do my interview for university. I have gone from being quiet and nervous, to overcoming these obstacles and my confidence is so much greater.”