UK Parliamentary General Election

A UK Parliamentary General Election has been called for Thursday 12 December 2019.

The voting system for the UK Parliamentary General Election is the First Past the Post system. To become a Member of the UK Parliament (MP) in Westminster a candidate simply has to win more votes than any other candidate standing in a particular constituency.

Electors in East Lothian vote for an MP to represent the East Lothian Constituency.

An election public helpline - 01875 824300 - is active from 8 November to 12 December (inclusive).

This section has more information on different areas relating to this election:

  • Candidates
  • Key Dates
  • Public Notices
  • Poll Card FAQs
  • Postal Vote FAQs
  • Proxy Vote FAQs
  • Polling Places

Electoral Registration/Postal or Proxy Vote Applications

These are dealt with by the Electoral Registration Officer.

The deadline for receiving new applications for registration and for new postal vote applications is 26 November.

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