Energy Bills Support Scheme

The Energy Bills Support Scheme is now underway, where eligible households will see £400 deducted from their energy bills between October 2022 and March 2023.  This discount will be split into a £66 discount in October and November and then a £67 discount monthly between December and March 2023. 

Individual energy suppliers will decide how to apply the discount to your energy meter, some may only apply the discount to electricity meters whilst others may split the discount equally between your gas and electricity meter.

Customers who pay their energy bill by direct debit, on receipt of a bill or through a smart prepayment meter, do not need to do anything to receive the discount.

However, if you have a traditional or legacy prepayment meter which you top-up using a card or key fob, you will need to redeem the discount in the form of vouchers.  These will be sent to you by your energy company via email or SMS text message.  We are encouraging customers with a traditional/legacy prepayment meter to redeem their vouchers. 

If you haven’t been contacted by your energy company, you should double check that the company who supplies your energy has the correct details for you.

Important information -  cost of living

With the cost of living increasing, many people are finding it difficult to cover essential daily living costs.

A range of measures are available to help people boost their income. Don't assume you're receiving everything you're entitled to, always check, and if you're still struggling or in doubt, get in touch.

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