You may be eligible for the following benefits, if you are off work ill

This is a summary of the main criteria for information only. Any award will be subject to application and meeting the full eligibility criteria. If you would like more details or need advice, contact the welfare rights team.

This information is correct at the date of publishing on 1 March 2019, but may be subject to change. 

Statutory Sick Pay

You may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay if you are off work. You must be employed and earn at least £116 per week. This benefit can be paid up to 28 weeks.

Statutory Sick Pay on the GOV.UK

Employment and Support Allowance (New Style) Contribution Based

This benefit is based on your National Insurance contributions in the last two years. Any amount awarded may be reduced if you have an occupational pension over £85 per week.

Employment and Support Allowance (New Style) Contribution Based on GOV.UK

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a monthly payment for people who are on a low income or out of work. How much you will get depends on your circumstances including your income, savings and how many children you have. You Universal Credit payment may also include an amount for your rent. The DWP will carry out a health assessments.

Universal Credit on GOV.UK

Industrial Injury Benefit

You must be employed and you must have had a personal injury caused by an accident at work or contracted a prescribed disease whilst working.

Industrial Injury Benefit on GOV.UK