Scottish Choices

What are the choices for people living in Scotland?

People claiming Universal Credit and living in Scotland can choose to:

Be paid either monthly or twice monthly; and

Have the housing costs in their award of Universal Credit paid direct to their landlord

Who is eligible for the new Universal Credit choices?

Anyone making a new Universal Credit claim who lives in an area where the full Universal Credit service is operating, (East Lothian is a full service area).

Full service claimants are those who make and maintain their claim online.

I'm already getting Universal Credit-when can I take up the new choices?

Existing Universal Credit claimants in full service areas who applied before 4 October 2017 and are eligible can now take up Scottish Choices.

How do I make the new Universal Credit choices?

If you are a new claimant and are eligible, you will be offered the new Universal Credit choices through your Universal Credit online account. You will be offered them following your first payment. The offer will include further details about the choices you have and how you can take them up.

Existing claimants will have to request the change through their online journal and will be informed if eligible.

What are my choices for my housing costs?

Your housing costs are currently paid to you. You will now be able to choose to have your housing costs paid directly to your landlord instead. This would be advisable if you feel budgeting for rent would be difficult.

What happens once I ask for my housing costs to be paid directly to my landlord?

The DWP will contact your landlord to arrange to pay them directly.

If the housing cost element in your Universal Credit award is less than your full rent, then you must continue paying the difference to your landlord yourself.