Managing for Euro 2020 success

Advice for licensees showing European  Championship football matches in 2021

East Lothian Council is now in COVID-19 Protection Level 1 but, like in most areas, has recently seen an increase in the number of positive cases.

We know that a number of licensed premises across the area will be keen to show the EURO2020 games.

If your premises or venue is preparing to show the football please remember:

  • ventilation  - where possible, keep windows and doors open to allow fresh air to circulate
  • noise - make sure you've carried out and documented your sound level setting exercise for the venue as outlined in Scottish Government
  • Hospitality Guidance Booking - ensure that bookings taken are in line with the household gathering rules
  • distancing - ensure that measures are in place to ensure distancing between households and groups whilst on the premises. Manage the demand for toilets at peak periods like half-time
  • table service - whilst in Level 1 customers shouldn’t queue at the bar for service, arrangements require to be in place for table service
  • Test and Protect - customer details require to be retained for test and protect purposes.  Details for all customers should be recorded.  If using the Check-In Scotland App make sure the QR Code is clearly visible to all patrons and is used.
  • capacity - ensure that you're venue does not exceed the Covid-19 physical distancing based capacity
  • stewarding - ensure that stewards are available as/if required and that they are aware of the Covid procedures that have to be followed
  • testing - if advertising on social media etc. we encourage you to signpost patrons to order Lateral Flow test kits online

Download guidance for licensees from the Scottish Beer and Pub Association

Scottish Government Hospitality guidance

Under Scottish Government Hospitality guidance the broadcast of live sport should not be actively promoted or turned into an "event".  A good rule of thumb is considering whether you are making significant changes to your normal operations i.e. using a function room or making specific changes to an outdoor space for screening of matches.

Events are currently subject to capacity limits and these are established within the regulations in addition to capacity limits, there is the requirement for the business to operate with 2m physical distancing in place within the venue for the duration of the event period. 

Watching football can be an emotional experience and it is recognised that fans will want to celebrate together when goals are scored and unfortunately covid-19 mitigations cannot override human behaviour.   However, you should ensure that all other mitigations are in place and that consideration has been given to what steps will be taken in the event of unruly patrons on match days. 

The delta variant cases seems to be presenting non-traditional COVID symptoms with reports of sniffles, sore heads, tiredness, sore stomach, diarrhoea as examples.  Employers should help anyone not feeling well to test quickly to rule out COVID infection.  You can refer anyone to the mobile testing locations the details of which are found at Community testing in East Lothian - how and where to get a test | Community testing in East Lothian | East Lothian Council A couple of hours downtime for an individual to test is far preferrable than having to close due to an outbreak.

It is hoped that through implementation of control measures we can continue to work together to control Covid-19 transmission and ensure East Lothian can move safely to the next stages of the route map.