We are implementing a number of temporary changes in Dunbar as we come out of lockdown. This is in order to create physical distancing in streets as daily life is restored, as children return to school and workplaces open. Supporting this we will also improve opportunities for walking and cycling, creating environments that foster healthy and sustainable travel habits. 

20mph speed limits are already in place for Dunbar, but additional traffic calming measures will help to enforce these.

Measures that have been implemented since July 2020

  • John Muir Campus of Dunbar Primary School – minimise waiting time at Countess Road pelican crossing
  • Close Countess Crescent to cars to create more space for pedestrians heading to school. Access to blue badge parking at the school gate is retained via Countess Avenue.
  • Promote Park and Stride to school from existing car parks
  • Create additional space for physical distancing on Countess Road through carriageway narrowing

Measures that are currently under consideration

  • Kellie Road – 20mph speed limit with traffic calming to improve conditions for cyclists. 
  • Queens Road - measures to reinforce the 20mph speed limit
  • Belhaven Road - measures to reinforce the 20mph speed limit
  • Contra-flow cycle lane for cyclists on Lammermuir Crescent
  • New footway though Hallhill Centre car park
  • Re-locate electrical box on route past all-weather pitch at Hallhill Centre

Measures that are no longer under consideration

  • Hospital Road – road closed to traffic to increase space and improve safety for cycling and walking
  • Back Road – narrow carriageway and implement a one-way system to create more space for pedestrians
  • Dunbar Grammar School – additional space for physical distancing on Summerfield Road and Belhaven Road through carriageway narrowing

More details and the opportunity to comment on these can be found by viewing our Story Map.