We are implementing a number of temporary transport-related measures in Haddington as we come out of lockdown.

This is in order to ensure physical distancing in our streets for essential journeys and exercise, which is vital if we are to suppress COVID-19.

These measures will serve to enhance opportunities for walking and cycling and easing pressure at key points. This has been enhanced through our introduction of 20mph measures.

They will also support the reopening of businesses without increasing the risk of further infections, to build confidence for visiting Haddington High Street and to help stimulate economic recovery.

Measures which have been implemented since July 2020

  • Alter pedestrian crossings to minimise wait time for pedestrians
  • Introduce town-wide 20mph limits with gateway features and additional traffic calming measures - this will: 
    • Allow more flexible use of our town centres to allow us to respond to requests for the use of public space
    • Make it easier to cross the road if necessary to maintain social distances
    • Support walking and cycling to school

Measures currently under consideration

  • On the north side of High Street (between Broad Wynd and Cross Lane), where the road is wide, move parking spaces into the carriageway. This will widen the pavement area & re-configure parking on High Street east end to increase space available for pedestrians (loss of 4 parking spaces)
  • At the east end of High Street, next to Hardgate, provide additional space for pedestrians in carriageway.
  • On the south side of the High Street, widen the pavement at the western end
  • Re-configure Station Road/Hope Park junction to create more space for pedestrians
  • Introduce additional signage and road markings on West Road to reinforce the new 20mph limits
  • Introduce build-outs on Pencaitland Road to contribute to reducing vehicle speeds

The vast majority of car parking spaces in Haddington town centre will continue to be available for use, with additional spaces currently available at John Muir House while many council staff continue to work remotely. 

More details and the potential to comment on these can be found by viewing our Story Map.

Measures to be explored further before the end of the year

Installation of public ebike hire station for 8 bikes.

As the town gets busier and the schools return we will look to review the following:

  • Re-configure Hardgate/Victoria Terrace signals to create more space for pedestrians
  • Close Tynebank Road to through traffic to facilitate walking to school