We are looking at a number of temporary transport-related measures in Musselburgh as we come out of lockdown. This is in order to ensure physical distancing in streets, enhancing opportunities for walking and cycling and easing pressure at key points in the town.

Supporting safe physical distancing for essential journeys and exercise we will also improve opportunities for walking and cycling, creating environments that foster healthy and sustainable travel habits.

We also want to enable the reopening of business without increasing the risk of further infections, to build confidence for visiting local shops and to help stimulate economic recovery.

Pedestrian safety is of paramount importance, especially at a time that schools are returning and workplaces open up.  This will be supported through the introduction of 20mph limits.

Under a separate programme, 2 electric bike hire stations, each with 8 ebikes, are planned for Musselburgh Station and outside the Brunton Hall.

Measures that have been implemented in Musselburgh since July 2020

  • Created protected space for queuing and social distancing at locations where issues have been identified
  • Re-timed pedestrian crossing signals on High Street
  • Introduction of Edinburgh Cycle Hire scheme at Brunton Hall and on North High Street/Market Street junction

Measures that are currently under consideration

  • On-road lane markings to emphasise the use of the streets by cyclists e.g. across junctions
  • Introduce a bus-and-cycle-only gate and dedicate one carriageway of the Loan, Wallyford to pedestrians - to facilitate walking Wallyford Primary School, and to Musselburgh Grammar School

The vast majority of car parking spaces in Musselburgh town centre will continue to be available for use.

More details and the potential to comment on these can be found by viewing our Story Map