North Berwick

We are implementing a number of temporary transport-related measures in North Berwick as we come out of lockdown. This is in order to ensure physical distancing in our streets, enhancing opportunities for walking and cycling especially as children return to school.

The council wants to enable the reopening of business in North Berwick without increasing the risk of further infections, to build confidence in visiting the high street and to help stimulate economic recovery.

Pedestrian safety is of paramount importance – particularly at a time when physical distancing is vital in continuing to suppress COVID-19.

Measures that have been implemented since July 2020

  • Modified East High Street to provide space for pedestrians
  • Parking times restricted in two town centre car parks to encourage high turnover of shoppers and support the high street
  • Additional signage to direct visitors to long-stay car parks on the edge of town
  • Town-wide 20mph limits with gateway features and additional traffic calming measures - this will:
    • allow more flexible use of our town centres to allow us to respond to requests for the use of public space
    • make it easier to cross the road if necessary to maintain social distances
    • support walking and cycling to school
  • Law Road – narrowing of the carriageway, and one-way section between Kirk Ports and St Andrews Road to provide temporary space for people and reduce traffic speeds

Measures that are currently under consideration

  • Provide wider pedestrian access on central and west High Street
  • Lochbridge Road – traffic calming in the form of speed cushions and build-outs to reinforce the 20mph speed limit
  • Trainers Brae/Grange Road – a crossing from Trainers Brae to allow pedestrians and cyclists to join the active travel route on the south of Grange Road
  • East Road – a raised table at the junction with Glasclune Gardens to improve access to Lodge Grounds and encourage people to use this as a route to / from the town centre. Additional signage will also be provided

More details and the opportunity to comment on these can be found by viewing our Story Map.