Safer travel to school

Creating space around our schools has never been more important. You can help everyone to stay safe by walking or cycling to school. If this isn't possible, arranging to park further away and walking the rest of the route will help.

We should all plan our journey to and from school to make sure everyone can stay safe.

The number of cars that drive to the school each day and the places that some of them park may prevent other children coming to the school in a safe manner. If you can, please consider walking, cycling or scooting to school – if not for the whole journey, then at least for some part of it.

Not all of us are living within a walking or cycling distance from the school and often car is the only available option. If you’re driven to or from school you can still play your part by parking further away. Walking the last part of your journey will avoid lots of cars being parked around our school creating congestion. Keeping streets around our schools clear will help create space for pupils, visitors and neighbours.

By walking, scooting and cycling to school you can:

  • Get some exercise on the way to school
  • Help keep the air clean around school
  • Keep our school communities safe.

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Banners are being hung outside schools to help manage spaces