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Additional Support for Learning

About The Education (Additional Support For Learning Act) (Scotland) 2004 And 2009

The Additional Support for Learning Act (ASL Act) strengthens and modernises the system for supporting children and young people who need help to benefit from school education. Throughout this website we will use the term 'children' to mean children and young people.

What are additional support needs?

The term 'additional support needs' replaces 'special needs' and applies to any child who needs some sort of help with their learning for whatever reason.

Additional support needs include:

  • temporary medical conditions
  • family circumstances (such as bereavement or illness)
  • being bullied
  • language and communication disorders
  • having English as a second language
  • learning difficulties 
  • sensory impairments 
  • interrupted learning 
  • physical disabilities 
  • social and emotional difficulties 
  • being very able or gifted 
  • being looked after or accomodated.

Any child who needs more support or different support to that which is normally provided in the classroom or pre-school setting has 'additional support needs'. When your child needs additional support, we provide that support in a way that fits in with the life of the school and gets the best out of their education.

Your rights under ASL

Parents and young people have the right to:

  • ask for assessments for additional support needs or a Co-ordinated Support Plan
  • have supporters or advocates represent them at meetings 
  • have their views taken into account
  • make placing requests.
  • access free advocacy at Additional Support Needs (ASN) Tribunals
  • access free mediation and dispute resolution 

More information

You can find out more about ASL guidance and procedures for practitioners by going to A Framework for meeting Additional Support for Learning Needs

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