Local residents in Tranent advised about dangers of former school building

Parents in Tranent are being advised to inform their children of the risks involved with entering the former Tranent Primary School building which has lain derelict since 2008 when the new Sanderson’s Wynd Primary opened.

East Lothian Council and Police Scotland are jointly issuing warnings about the dangers which people may face when trying to enter the building particularly children and teenagers who view the site as a possible playground.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Norman Hampshire said:

“This building has been derelict for nearly ten years now and natural deterioration to the fabric of the building has occurred posing considerable risks to anyone entering it. Despite boarding on the entrances and windows repeated attempts have been made to gain access to the building which brings considerable risks and the council and local Police have joined forces to ensure the local community are aware of the dangers.”

PC Jacqueline Maurer added:

"As a result of the summer holidays there has been an increase in incidents reported to the police where youths have attempted to gain entry into the secure buildings despite this being maintained by the local authority.PC Jacqueline Maurer

"Entering derelict and abandoned buildings, which may be structurally unstable or contain hazardous materials, is extremely dangerous and I would urge all parents to remind their children of the risk of entering these types of buildings.

"Officers continue to patrol the known hotspot areas when resources permit and will act accordingly when reports of youths in derelict buildings are made.

"I'm also asking local residents to be extremely vigilant and continue to report any concerns or any signs of entry to derelict buildings to the police."

The future of the former school which is a listed building

remains under discussion.

Published: Tuesday, 18th July 2017