New fee levels coming in from 1 April

Today’s (Thursday 8 March) Licensing Sub-Committee has agreed new fee levels for a range of Licensing Services managed by East Lothian Council. Licence fees are required for such diverse services as Private Hire Cars and Taxis, tattoos and piercing, street traders and public entertainment and through legislation local authorities are required to fully recover all costs involved in the provision of the licensing services which it manages.

Cllr Colin McGinn, Chair of the Licensing Sub-Committee, said:

“A review of East Lothian Council’s Licensing Services was carried out last year to ascertain what levels the fees should be set at to ensure full recovery and compliance with legislation. Benchmarking comparisons of fee levels in neighbouring councils were also carried out and it was found that East Lothian Council’s current fees were in general substantially below the national average. As each council is legally required to recover its full costs it was expected any differences between local authorities would be comparatively small but in fact East Lothian Council had not actually been achieving full cost recovery.

“The new licensing fees will come into use from 1 April 2018. We appreciate that cost increases are never welcome but the new fee levels bring East Lothian Council more into line with other local authorities.”

The new licensing fees can be viewed here.

Published: Thursday, 8th March 2018