Pupils create dog fouling posters

Pupils at Yester Primary School have created a series of eye-catching posters to warn Gifford residents of the dangers of not picking up after their dogs. 

I hope people will look at the posters and keep their dogs out of the school field.

Jayden, P5 Yester Primary Pupil

The pupils created their posters as part of their class work while they were in primary 5. Now in primary 6, the pupils’ artwork is being displayed around the village to encourage people to pick up after their pet. Residents in Gifford have reported dog waste being found on streets and in the parks, in private gardens and driveways, and even on the school’s playing field. As well as being unsightly and causing mess on shoes, bikes, buggies and wheelchairs, dog poo contains parasites that can cause blindness.

Each of the children had their own perspective on the issue. Jayden said: “I hope people will look at the posters and keep their dogs out of the school field.” His classmate Darah agreed, adding: “Dogs keep coming into our playground. People should be responsible citizens and keep their dogs out.” Alasdair and Harry shared stories of playing in a rugby match and finding dog poo in the middle of the pitch. All of the pupils hoped their posters would help to keep streets and parks clean and children safe from dog mess.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr. Norman Hampshire, said:

“Dog fouling is one of the most common concerns raised by local residents. East Lothian Council works with our community councils and Area Partnerships to try and tackle this problem by reminding pet owners of their responsibilities. These colourful posters clearly advise pet owners to ‘bag it and bin it’.

Jo Allen from Gifford Community Council said:

“This is a great initiative from the pupils. They’ve really taken time to think about all the dangers that dog’s mess poses and have created some striking posters. There are plenty of bins in the village that waste can be put in. We hope the posters will encourage people to think twice before walking away from dog waste."

Gifford Community Council is encouraging people to report any incidents to the council and has been working with the Community Wardens team on patrols in the village. Not picking up after a dog can incur a minimum fine of £80.

Published: Tuesday, 10th October 2017