Calling all carers!

East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership (ELHSCP) is asking carers in East Lothian for their views on new draft East Lothian eligibility criteria. The new Carers Act places a duty on local authorities and health and social care services through their health and social care partnerships to set out local eligibility criteria for carers, which are to apply in their area. These are the criteria which determine whether they have a duty under the Act to provide support. They must consult and involve carers and representative organisations in developing criteria for their area.

Eligibility criteria are the indicators describing the impact of the caring role on the carer and what level of advice and support the carer may access. The East Lothian eligibility criteria are based on best practice as developed by the National Carer Organisations.

View the new draft East Lothian Eligibility Criteria.

All comments are welcomed but it would be really helpful if carers and other stakeholders could consider these three questions when they are reading the draft East Lothian Eligibility Criteria:

  • Do our Eligibility Criteria take into account over-arching matters, for example, prevention, early intervention, to prevent carers’ needs from escalating?
  • Is there enough detail/information on how the criteria will be applied, scored and used to determine level of need?
  • Do our local Eligibility Criteria meet what has been set out in the legislation and take a preventative approach?

ELHSCP Communications and Engagement officer Jane Ogden-Smith says:

‘We are committed to consulting and engaging throughout the process of developing our East Lothian Carers’ Eligibility Criteria. We began this process in June, when we presented the National Carer Organisations framework to a large stakeholder workshop and looked at how this might inform the development of the East Lothian criteria. The feedback indicated that people were open to the National Carer Organisations’ framework as a basis for the East Lothian eligibility criteria framework. You can see the feedback from this event here. Since then, ELHSCP has also consulted with the partners on the design of the East Lothian criteria and we are now at the stage when we would like to consult further with all stakeholders on the resulting framework’.

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Published: Monday, 2nd October 2017