Disturbances and loud arguments result in ASBO

A full Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO) has been granted against Alexander Manclarke (49) of High Street, Prestonpans following an application to the court by East Lothian Council.

The court was presented with details of the alleged antisocial behaviour of Mr Manclarke which included threatening and abusive behaviour within and around properties in the High Street including loud arguments and causing damage to external doors.

The terms of the ASBO prohibits Mr Manclarke from behaving in a way that causes or is likely to cause alarm or distress to others and includes shouting, swearing and disturbing neighbours in the High Street, Prestonpans.

A council spokesperson said:

“The ASBO served on Mr Manclarke applies for 24 months and has resulted from repeated complaints from residents in High Street, Prestonpans who have been alarmed and disturbed by his behaviour. The council’s Safer Communities team worked closely with Police Scotland colleagues to respond to complaints and gather the evidence to present to court.”

Published: Friday, 18th August 2017