Consultants will consider range of options for future development of Prestongrange Museum

Simpson and Brown of Edinburgh have been appointed by East Lothian Council as lead consultant to deliver a master plan for Prestongrange Museum.

Cllr Jim Goodfellow, Cabinet Member for Community Wellbeing, said:

"The appointment of Simpson and Brown is a positive step forward in realising the future potential of the Prestongrange Museum and surrounding site. The master plan will identify a strategic vision for the sustainable future development of the site and the available options to achieve this. I know there are many groups, organisations and individuals who have an interest in this site and I am pleased to confirm that extensive stakeholder consultation will be undertaken during the development of the master plan."

There are key stages identified for the preparation of the master plan.

The Conservation Plan will include:

  • assessment of all the existing structures upon the site with proposals and costings to make them wind and water-tight and safe to access
  • assessment of and proposals / costings relating to the visitor infrastructure (e.g. car parking, toilets etc) and the landscape of the whole site, including areas currently not accessible, in keeping with the historic nature and landscape setting of the site
  • Proposals/costings in relation to enhancing and making accessible all parts of the natural environment of the site and creating safe links to surrounding amenities

Development Plan to include:

  • An audit of relevant studies and proposals already undertaken by East Lothian Council and others
  • Sustainable proposals to enhance the interpretation of the site using a variety of approaches to maximise accessibility and to protect and display the collections
  • Proposals for improving the visitor infrastructure including facilities, signage, orientation, layout, active travel and public transports links, equal access provision, and parking.
  • The potential for the work/activity at the site to have significant measurable social and economic impact including: volunteering/community development, employability and training, learning and educational impacts, community capacity building impacts, increased visitor footfall and the possibility of small business units
  • Proposals for audience development both in relation to visitors from the local area/region and tourists from farther afield
  • Proposals for attracting additional funding to support the development of the site
  • Proposals for the development of revenue generating activities in keeping with the Museum and its functions, and their requisite funding and governance structures
  • A specific options appraisal for the re-housing of the engines currently stored in the Bath House - with a view to, where possible, running them on site
  • Proposals for the enhancement of the natural environment of the site in keeping with the local area and the use of the Museum
  • Proposals for how consultation and engagement with local and regional communities can continue to be built into the planning/development process in a meaningful way

The value of the contract, which was awarded following competitive tender, is £39,312.50 and the master plan will be completed by 31st March 2018.

Published: Wednesday, 16th August 2017