Chinese delegation visit East Lothian Council to hear more about workplace health and safety

A Chinese government delegation visited East Lothian Council this week as part of a research programme into health and safety inspections by local authority enforcement officers. Representatives from the State Administration of Work Safety met with the Chief Executive, Angela Leitch and Provost John McMillan, before official presentations began.

Service Manager of Protective Services, Derek Oliver highlighted the role of local authority regulation and enforcement in workplace health and safety; the qualification, skills and powers of Environmental Health Officers and health and safety inspectors in terms of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act; and the close partnership working with agencies including HSE, Crown Office and Police Scotland. The Society of Chief Officers of Environmental Health in Scotland and the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland also delivered presentations regarding their roles through speakers Fraser Thomson and John Sleith, respectively.

Derek Oliver said

“it was a pleasure to welcome a delegation to East Lothian to not only showcase our county but to discuss with a very informed audience the critical role of Environmental Health Officers in regulating work activities to protect the safety of workers and members of the public.”

Published: Tuesday, 11th July 2017