Unusual therapy pets welcomed by Crookston Care Home residents

The residents, staff and visitors of Crookston Care Home in Tranent recently enjoyed a visit from two therapy ponies thanks to Therapy Ponies Scotland.

Residents were delighted to meet Wilson and Edwardo, two of the charity’s 14 specially trained therapy ponies, who were welcomed into the home and were a huge hit for both residents and staff alike.

These animals offer major therapeutic benefits to those with poor mobility or co-ordination, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties or dementia.

Pauline Skead, Manager at Crookston Care Home said:

“These lovely little ponies called Wilson and Edwardo and their owners John and Elaine Sangster made the residents smile and reminisce. The visit allowed many of our residents to talk about their past, as many of them remember working with horses when they were young. One resident recollected his father going to war with horses but unfortunately not returning. You would think this would have been a sad recollection when in fact it had a positive effect on him and obviously unlocked happy memories from a time gone by.”

The ponies spent time with each resident before having a well earned rest in the garden grounds where they enjoyed a brief meal of grass before leaving.

Published: Tuesday, 11th July 2017