Loud music, shouting and swearing complaints lead to ASBO

An interim Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO) has been granted against Stephen Ritchie (45) of High Street, Cockenzie following an application to Edinburgh Sheriff Court by East Lothian Council.

The court was presented with details of the alleged antisocial behaviour of Mr Ritchie which included shouting and swearing, playing loud music and repeatedly slamming doors within a property at High Street, Cockenzie.

The terms of the ASBO prohibits Mr Ritchie from behaving in an antisocial manner including shouting and swearing at neighbours and other local residents in and around High Street, Cockenzie. He is also prohibited from having more than two visitors to his property at any one time, except those who are there in the course of their employment.

A council spokesperson said:

“There is a significant history of antisocial behaviour complaints made against Mr Ritchie in East Lothian, and particularly in and around a property in High Street, Cockenzie, which has caused considerable alarm and distress to others.”

In addition to playing loud music and slamming doors within the property Mr Ritchie has regularly had high numbers of visitors who have also engaged in disruptive behaviour which has severely impacted on the quality of life of others within the community. East Lothian Council has a strong antisocial behaviour policy in place and members of the Safer Communities team gathered supportive evidence to successfully take legal action to address Mr Ritchie’s behaviour.”

Published: Friday, 13th April 2018